Team Scapta

Scapta consists of a team of scaptans who combine years of experience with an endless passion for their job.
Balance is key, even at scapta. A good “work-life” balance is important within the team.

Also working with us?

Alex Vandereycken

“After work hours, I love to spend my free time with my family and take walks with our dog, Oreo.”


Peter Moerman

“I see scapta as a young, dynamic company that is up with the latest technologies and does not shy away from change.”

Goele Hollanders
Project Manager

“For me, scapta is a fine group to work with. We offer interesting products and the location is ideal.”


Sebastiaan De Vaan
Project manager

“Why I chose scapta? The people! We are a small team who have each other’s best interests at heart and who you can rely on.”

Wesley Stroeken

“In my free time, I play indoor soccer, tennis and like to eat a hearty steak once in a while.”


Nathalie Mevis

“I consider myself a go-getter who likes to be up-to-date with the latest developments.”


Yentl Box
Digital Marketer

 “I consider scapta a young, close-knit team in which I feel very much at home.”


Emma Erlich
Digital Marketer

“As the youngest scaptan on the team, I can describe myself as eager to learn and enthusiastic. I like to challenge myself.”

Caroline Vandewal
Human Resources

“Scapta is like a close-knit group of colleagues who are part of one big family.”


Dean Clerckx

“If I could put together a vacation combo, I would go for the crystal clear waters of Egypt, the wine and food of Italy and the warmth and hotels of Turkey.”

Developer Scapta

Frank Auwers
BC Technical Consultant

“As co-founder of scapta, I consider myself someone who always stays calm in stressful situations and is always keeping up with the latest technology.”

Mathijs Schols
BC Technical Consultant

“When I’m not at work, I mainly keep busy with my family or take a motorcycle ride.”



Gijs Franssens
BC Technical Consultant

“For me, scapta is a fun company in a nice location where I get a lot of freedom to do my job.”



Marlies Vandeput
BC Technical Consultant

“I have always loved being involved with IT. That’s how I ended up at scapta where I got to see its creation up close.”


Jessica Seutens
BC Technical Consultant

“I find myself in anything creative: singing, crafts, photography, … In addition, I like to go for walks with my little dog and spend a lot of time with my family.”

Jeroen Van Bortel
CRM Technical Consultant

“I was born in Kasongo, Africa. My parents did development aid there for 2 years, so I flaunt this particular birthplace on my identity card.”

Steven Seerden
CRM Business Consultant

“When I’m not in a workshop, you can find me with the Scaptans on a bikepacking trip or on a hike with my family.

Loreas Clonen
CRM Technical Consultant

”I love discovering new places and cultures, and I always try to capture my experiences with photography.”


Jamie Van Gossum

”In my spare time, I am an avid motocross rider and spend time with my girlfriend.”



Riet Mondelaers
Business Consultant

“I love nature, so in 2017 I participated in the Death March in Bornem and ran 200km last summer.”



Kristof Masset
Business Consultant

“Cool Colleagues and atmosphere in the workplace, Scaptany, Small and Big at the same time, Flexibility, Family, Incentives, and hopefully much more that I have yet to discover.”

Koen Vanbever
Business Consultant

“I am an enthusiastic person who gets a lot of pleasure from my work. In addition, I love staycations with the family and our pets.”

Marco Donati
Business Consultant

“You don’t become a part of scapta, scapta becomes a part of you!”



Lode Simons
Business Consultant

“My greatest asset is that I can always keep a cool head in difficult situations. And if I can believe my partner, being a dad is my greatest quality”

Erwin Germeys
Business Consultant

“I like to challenge myself and consider myself precise and punctual. In my free time, I like to go hiking, have a good dinner out and am a master of Dungeon and Dragons.”

Niels Vanhelden
Business Consultant

“An enthusiastic and nice group of colleagues where after the hard work there is also time and space for fun activities and initiatives to strengthen the family feeling.”

Assistent-accountant Scapta

Marc Gabriëls

“I am an autonomous person who can easily relate. In my spare time I am involved in photography and enjoy traveling to the Spanish Pyrenees.”