Why scapta?

The scaptans are now trained experts who migrate your environment to the cloud. After 50 different SaaS projects, we know the tricks of the trade.

We don’t do one size fits all and vendor lock-in. However, efficient customization with freedom. We have perfected our own implementation method. A waterfall of implementation workshops and your own SPOC guide you flawlessly through a process where communication is key!

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner

Get started with help and assistance from the scaptans who will help you evaluate and implement your Dynamics 365 solution.

Once scaptan, always scaptan!

Who are we and what do we do?
Scaptans are people like you and me. Family feeling comes first and we attach importance to this every day. You don’t just work for scapta, you are scapta! Balance is key and that manifests itself every 3rd Friday of the month in a fun after work.
Sounds good? I thought so!


Scapta journey 

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