Scapta sells Shopify connector app to Microsoft

Today, scapta announced it has sold its connector app Scaptify to Microsoft, which is now available in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, enabling customers to eliminate manual processes to keep people focused on customer experiences. More than 2 million companies worldwide currently use Shopify to enable consumers to shop in their online store. While Dynamics 365 Business Central offers a comprehensive business management solution allowing organizations to register all logistical and financial administration related to the orders.

The Belgian IT company scapta developed an app that allows Shopify and Business Central to communicate effortlessly with one another. The app became exceptionally popular under the name Scaptify. Today, some 300 web shops around the world use scapta’s app. Microsoft will now offer the connector embedded within Business Central and at no additional cost. The Shopify connector within Business Central will be automatically installed in new environments and available for download from Microsoft AppSource for current customers. 

“Microsoft has acquired scapta’s market-tested, feature-rich Shopify connector, and we are embedding it directly within Dynamics 365 Business Central to help our customers run their businesses as efficiently as possible,”

“Microsoft remains a supporter of scapta, and the scapta team remains deeply committed to serving our joint customers and resellers.”

Mike Morton, General Manager, SMB Business Applications, Microsoft

International recognition of IT expertise  

“The acquisition of Scaptify is a great moment of recognition for the whole team that made this possible. It encourages us to continue developing new solutions and strengthens our potential as a company. The acquisition puts the app on the radar of even more companies using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Shopify. We will of course continue to be at the service of Microsoft, its partners and these companies to collaborate on specific solutions as they implement the app”

Alex Vandereycken, co-owner and founder of scapta 

The IT company started in 2015 at the Corda Campus in Hasselt with the aim of facilitating the business management of SMEs using software applications. To do so, they make use of the various applications offered by Microsoft. Scaptify was the first, but certainly not the last app that Scapta intends to develop and launch internationally. 

About scapta 
Scapta is a leading IT company that aims to facilitate an organisation’s business management using Microsoft technology. From their Corda Campus in Hasselt, they focus on supporting Belgian SMEs with their Microsoft technology and develop international IT solutions, such as Scaptify. The company was founded in 2015 and now has 25 employees and around 100 predominantly Belgian clients including Machiels Group, ASAP, Actief interim, Eurodal, Gymna, ICsense, Aurelium and others.  

Scaptify is used worldwide by Innovaderma (AU, UK, US), FC Kobenhavn (DK), Borboleta Beauty (US), Swyft Home (UK), Dermalogica (CA), Bibo Brands (BE), Cam Cam Copenhagen (DK), Phill & Teds (NZL) and many others. 

Scapta was founded by Frank Auwers, Peter Moerman and Alex Vandereycken, all active in the IT sector for more than 20 years with this Microsoft technology.

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